Many companies need the additional expertise of design and build services for their projects. Reynolda Electric is pleased to provide this essential service. Many projects are drawn by engineers, but our estimating staff and installers frequently perform similar functions when calculating loads, distances, voltage ratings, etc. We design and build projects every day.

Our knowledge and experience in this area allows us to design and build electrical systems to your specifications with a thorough understanding of the industry's installation best practices. We are able to carry your project from planning, creating, testing, and developing your system through installation and maintenance. Reynolda Electric can also provide you with engineered drawings so that you may review the plan before we proceed.

Whether you require voice and data communications infrastructure, lighting equipment, fire and life safety systems, power distribution, electronic components, or power systems, with our state-of-the-art equipment, no project is too complex or expansive. Reynolda Electric can provide any electrical equipment needed to get the job done right.