High Voltage

Whether you need to expand your current cable system, or simply need some adjustments, our experienced team will design your project in compliance with national and international rules and guidelines.

From the initial engineering of the cable dimensions to post-installation testing, Reynolda Electric provides a full range of supply and services including installation, retrofit, and repair of high voltage distribution equipment, cable, and terminations. We utilize state-of-the art equipment and tackles for cable laying, and our expert installers have the certification and skill to perform the job with precision.

High Voltage cables are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions from termites and rodents, extremes of temperature, gas and chemical damage, to hydrocarbon destruction. With strict safety protocols, the high voltage cable systems we design, install, and test are built to provide outstanding reliability.

Reynolda Electric can install cold shrink or heat shrink terminations, including Elastimold terminations for transformers and DIP pole installations at customer-owned utility sites. We are able to offer this service as a Duke-Energy-of-the-Carolinas partner with our utility installations or with typical industrial applications as needed. We are certified from 120 volts to 35KV terminations.

We offer a NETA-certified 3rd party testing agency, or we can perform a simple High Pot for testing.

If your project requires work underground, our specialized equipment allows us to perform horizontal drilling, preventing disturbance to traffic flow. We are able to complete the work while leaving your parking lot, sidewalk, or other surface intact. This non-invasive method also lowers the overall cost of your project. It can be done much faster taking only a quarter of the time of conventional trenching. We can also utilize our underground equipment for installing high voltage cabling in vaults and man holes.

We stock wood poles to REA standards for utility installations or for traffic signal work. We also offer “barnyard” lighting small poles.

Reynolda Electric has 15 years of experience performing horizontal directional drilling (HDD). We offer 2 types of horizontal drills. Our smaller machine is capable of drilling an 8-inch diameter hole at a distance of 400 ft. Our larger machine has the ability to drill an 18-inch diameter hole for multiple conduits with a distance of 1500 ft. The technology enables us to go under rivers, creeks, and other obstacles from 2-100 ft in depth with the ability to calculate where the final drill point will be.

We offer trenching as a means of duct banks for conduit installations for short runs of conduits of 100 ft or less. Other methods are less cost-effective and more time-consuming because once workers open the trench, install conduit, perform inspections, and cover/compact the trench, a lot more effort and days (costs) of labor are involved. There is also the risk that rain will wash all of the work away, and the work will most likely have to be repeated. We recommend HDD for most applications.

Reynolda Electric also offers excavation services. We have industry-leading equipment and are certified for trenching and excavation operations. We have 30 years' experience with trenching.

We have a fleet of specialized bucket trucks and digger derricks (known in the utility industry as "line trucks"), which are tested and certified ANSI and electrically tested to stated tag voltages. With our industry-leading equipment, we can furnish, install, and set any size of wood, steel, concrete, or fiber glass pole. Our bucket trucks range from 35-100 ft. We utilize these trucks for parking lot lighting, sports lighting, and also for utility installations on customer-owned premises. Reynolda Electric can also dig the foundations for poles for direct burial from 18 to 48 inch diameter down to a depth of 22 feet. While many of our competitors have to rent these specialized vehicles and equipment, when you call on us, we are able to get started right away.

Some high-voltage services we offer are the following:

• Wood Pole Installation
• Trenching
• Lighting repair (parking lots, ball fields)
• Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) 8 to 18 inch @ 400-1,500 ft
• Vertical Drilling 18 inch to 48 inch diameter holes up to 22 ft deep
• Line trucks - digger derricks
• Bucket trucks 0 35-100 ft
• High voltage cabling and testing
• High voltage terminations