Electrical Services

From extensive lighting projects and fiber optic cabling solutions to high voltage installation and complex repair work, Reynolda Electric has the right equipment to get the job done with the greatest efficiency and quality workmanship available. We are committed to our industry safety practices, and have invested in safety training for all our employees. For more details about our committment to safety and training our empoyees, click here

Requiring regular continuing education for all of our electricians, our skilled and experienced team can install your new commercial electrical system and provide maintenance as well, with a yearly contract to perform regular audits on your electrical equipment. 

Infrared Thermography

One of the many electrical services we provide is Infrared Thermography. We utilize this technology for both commercial and industrial projects. Through the use of a specialized coated lens camera system, such as the brand we use called FLIR, we are able to recognize a potential hazard to your electrical system. This technology was developed by the military to differentiate hot and cold—using camera computer systems and software. We offer this service and have certified cameras as well as certified and trained technicians.

Through the use of this technique, we are able to do a lot of preventive work and catch potentially devastating problems before they become an issue. In one case, our use of this technology prevented one of our customers from having a multi-million dollar failure from down time and a ruined transformer and equipment because our camera detected a "hot spot" where the transformer's cooling fins did not have oil in them and was overheating. This is one of the best tests of your system and a practice that should be performed twice per year.

Ground Testing

Reynolda Electric also offers ground testing, which is vital for safety reasons. Many deaths are caused each year by grounding erosion, and potential grounding. We are equipped with 3-point ground test equipment for a perfect analysis of your electrical systems. We also offer a clamp-type system which gives us a good reading and study so that we can advise what actions are needed.

Stability Studies

We provide power stability studies offering the ability to check your power with harmonic distortions, power failures, recordings, and analysis via complex software and data-recording equipment.


Reynolda Electric can install any size generator system from 25KW to 2MW. From Household generators to complex industrial systems, we have installed multiple systems throughout North Carolina. Among our previous projects are installation of tandem 1-million watt generators for water plants and other industrial complexes to include Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel and Methane Gas.

Directional Drilling

Reyolda Electric uses directional drilling in many of our installations. This is a technique which drills vertically underground for installation of conduit, water lines, gas lines, and electrical lines. We have 15 years of experience with this type of drilling. The ability to perform directional drilling is valuable for projects including these:

• new parking lot conduit branch circuits
• replacing old conduits
• replacing conduits

With the advantage of directional drilling, we can work in paved areas without disrupting traffic flow by trenching and opening asphalt or concrete. This non-invasive method has less impact on traffic conditions and lowers the overall cost of the project. Not only does it save our customers money, but it can be done much faster—taking only a quarter of the time of conventional trenching.

We offer 2 types of horizontal directional drills (HDD) – our smaller machine is capable of drilling an 8 inch diameter hole at a distance of 400 ft. Our larger machine has the ability to drill an 18 inch diameter hole for multiple conduits with a distance of 1500 ft. The technology enables us to go under rivers, creeks, and other obstacles from 2 ft to 100 ft in depth with the ability to calculate where the final drill point will be.

Service Changes

Reynolda Electric can provide commercial service changes and updates per owner needs. We will replace older electrical gear with up-to-date gear.


We can furnish, install, and set any sized wood, steel, fiberglass, or concrete pole. Reynolda Electric can also dig the foundations for direct burial of the poles from 18 inch to 48 inch diameter down to a depth of 22 feet. We stock wood poles to REA standards for utility installations or for traffic signal work. We also offer “barnyard” lighting small poles.

In addition to wood pole installation, Reynolda Electric can also provide wood pole testing.

We design and build layout of poles and foot candles of lighting that the owner requests, including permitting, purchasing, and installation of the project.

Sports lighting

We offer lighting services for many different venues. Whether you require our expertise for a stadium, parking lots, sports fields, or warehouses, we are able to provide the skill and equipment you need. Check out our lighting page for more information about the types of lighting work we do.

Industrial and Commercial Settings

Reynolda Electric specializes in industrial electrical maintenance for installing MCCs, controls, PLCs, conduits, wiring, high voltages, sectionalizers, and load break equipment. Our team has many years of experience working at sites such as Weyerhaeuser, Corn Products, Ingredion, Stroh’s Brewery, and RJ Reynolds. We have also gained much experience over the years with installation of multiple Water Treatment Plants and pump stations.

Some of our commercial customers for whom we have installed new electrical systems include Chick-Fil-A and the Discount Tires franchise.

Reynolda Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of industry-leading bucket truck and Digger Derricks, tested and certified ANSI and electrically tested to stated tag voltages. We utilize these trucks for parking lot lighting, sports lighting, and also for utility installations on customer-owned premises.

Below are some of the electrical services that we offer:

• Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) 8 to 18 inch @ 400-1,500 ft
• Vertical Drilling 18 inch to 48 inch diameter holes up to 22 ft deep
• Trenching
• Lighting repair (parking lots, ball fields)
• Retrofit lighting generators
• Control wiring
• Line trucks-digger derricks
• Bucket trucks 35-100 ft
• Industrial maintenance
• Design/Build
• Commercial electrical installations
• Industrial electrial installations
• Control applications
• Parking lot lighting
• Arch flash hazard analysis
• Power study
• Power stability study
• Ground testing, 3 point and clamp
• Service changes
• Parking lot lighting
• Wood pole installation